S107 SEY

Rover 414 Si

S107 SEY - Rover 414 - Notes

Using this site to sell the car...

This page, which is optional, could be used to give details of the vehicle For Sale.

You could list its features, Air Con, ABS, CD players, etc etc

You could add any information here that you normally would in am Autotrader type advert.


Just one bump...

The Rover had just one accident, a minor one, in all the time I had her. I reversed into an invisible post outside my bank. Quite a clonk, and it left a dent in the rear bumper, but no other damage. Very lucky not to break the rear light cluster. Other than that, nothing, not even a kerbed alloy.


Gearbox problem

Late in its life with me, the car suffered a gearbox 'issue' which cost a lot to resolve, and uncovered a shortcoming of my local dealer, who refused to fix the problem and sent me off to a somewhat dodgy 'specialist' garage to get it fixed.
Foolishly, I decided it would be a good idea, as the gearbox was coming out anyway, to have a new clutch fitted, which probably was a bad idea given the relatively low mileage and the fact I sold the car withing a few weeks! Duh.