S107 SEY

Rover 414 Si


Significant Dates

Tax Due
Insurance Due
Service Due
Owned fromAugust 1998
Owned ToMarch 2005


0 to 6010 seconds
Top Speed115

S107 SEY - Rover 414

Bought from new for a then eye-watering £12,000, this red Rover is my pride and joy and I don't really want to part with it.

It has never let me down over 64,000 miles or so, and is comfortable, quiet and reasonably speedy, returning an average of over 40mpg.

It is taxed, MOT'd and serviced, contact me for a test drive.

(this is an example 'For Sale' MyDriveArchive page, this car is not actually for sale... I'm pretty sure it has been scrapped by now!)

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